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Author :: Dr Sunny Satin Ph.D.
ISBN :: 978-81-85250-51-9
Publication :: 2012 [Year]
Pages :: 300
Price :: Rs.Rs.395
Description ::

This is a different kind of a self-help book. It seeks to help you not only in the current times, but also in the future. The 'Shift' refers to the increase in the Schumann Resonnance, or the basic resonance frequency of the earth. The author phrases it as - 'the basic heartbeat of the earth' and explains that since 1983 this value measured in Hz has continuously increased. That means by 2013 the world will be vibrating at least 50% faster than it was in the year 1983" he states. The concurrent natural and scientific changes on the planet on humans will result in heightened abilities and a civilization that operates on a more spiritual and egalitarian level than now. Since hardly any one can deny that world of more light and love would be preferable to the current one, and across the world individuals and groups are rejecting the old order based on hierarchy, fear and force, this book is likely to be widely read and discussed. - A review in THE HINDU

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