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Title :: Deep Healing: A Practical Outline of Past-Life Therapy
Author :: Hans Tendam
ISBN :: 978-81-85250-47-2
Publication :: 2011 [Year]
Pages :: 394
Price :: Rs.Rs.600 Euro 25 Pounds 20 US $35
Description ::

"Much more than an outline for therapy, this book provides a paradigm for the entire application of past-life work to modern therapy. It includes philosophy, theory, a priori evidence, solid techniques, new language,case histories, examples, traditional and alternative methods, healing techniques, soul work and Hans' unique brand of humor. This book encompasses all levels of past life work, but most of all, it is a practical "how to" guide for using the past life model.It gives background information and research findings; then it informs, giving the when, where, how and with whom to use the past-life techniques in the therapeutic setting, imparting deep healing to the individual doing the work.Vast in scope, the reader explores everything from being an effective therapist to working with the soul. Hans makes therapy simple by showing how to take what the client gives and working with it directly. His respect for the individuality of the client and his specific methods for staying with the client are impressive. A new science must have a new language. Hans TenDam develops new ideas, new language, a new paradigm. He addresses areas of working with the human psyche often neglected by other therapeutic models. Of great value is his client-centered approach to therapy, his way of showing unconditional client regard. Hans' grounded, practical techniques are simply and clearly defined."

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